Machine Learning & Deep Learning using Python Programming

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Course Introduction

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, and the Machine Learning that drives it, is one of most exciting new frontiers of technology being presented in the cloud today. Machine learning encompasses many different ideas, programming languages, frameworks, and approaches to the subject. Students from this course will be able to analyze the requirements for AI solutions, recommend appropriate tools and technologies that meet scalability and performance requirements. Building Clustering Models with scikit-learn, you will gain the ability to enumerate different types of clustering algorithms and correctly implement them.

This course is a step-up to the Data Science with Python. This course will cover concepts to machine learning and you will learn how to build models using Frameworks like scikit-learn and SageMaker. No prior experience with ML is needed, however, we prefer candidates with the below knowledges:
1. Statistics, Calculus, Linear Algebra and Probability
2. Basic Python Programming Knowledge
3. Basic Data Modeling Concepts

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