Project Management Professional (PMP®)

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Course Introduction

PMP® exam prep project management training classes in New Jersey. The PMP®® training course is designed to ensure that you pass the PMP® exam on the first try. Our PMP® hands-on training approach will help you to understand the workings of the 5 process groups and 10 knowledge areas defined by the PMBOK® Guide—Sixth Edition. We guarantee you’ll walk away with all the preparation and confidence you need to conquer the exam and earn the PMP® certification.

Successful IT organizations are those that understand the value of integrating people, process and technology to achieve strategic business objectives. IT professionals in those organizations are typically on one of two career paths: technical or managerial. Those nearing mid-career levels and gaining progressive responsibility at work often have a decision to make. Do they continue down a highly technical path and become experts in their area of technology? Or do they pursue the management route of directing people and processes? The Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI) is one way for IT professionals to advance their career down the path of management.

One of the world's leading certifications for IT professionals, the PMP® signals to employers a level of competency and expertise in project management practices. In the sixth edition of its annual Salary Survey, PMI claims that those with the PMP® designation increase their earning power by 10 percent over those who lack the credential. IT training firm Global Knowledge, on the other hand, cites a survey by that reports median salaries for PMP®s are up to 30 percent higher than those who aren't certified.

Before taking the Project Management Professional certification test, applicants must qualify by demonstrating a particular combination of education, instructor-led training, and professional project management experience. There are two ways to qualify:

· With a four-year bachelor's degree, applicants must be able to prove at least three years of project management experience amounting to at least 4,500 hours leading and directing projects, plus 35 hours of project management education.
· With a high school diploma, applicants must have worked at least five years and 7,500 hours in project management with 35 hours of project management education.

The applicant must adequately document his or her experience in addition to submitting a fee. A certain percentage of submitted applications are selected at random for audit to ensure applicants are being truthful. When approved, applicants can schedule to sit for the PMP® which is offered as a computer- or in some cases paper-based examination

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