Data Science Using Python Programming

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Course Introduction

Data Science is a practice of transforming data (structured or unstructured) into knowledge. This knowledge provides insights into your data. Data Science is an interdisciplinary field about scientific methods, processes and systems to extract knowledge. Python is one of the most popular language used by Data Scientists. Data Science with Python, you’ll learn about the practice of data science, the Python programming language, and how they can be used to transform data into actionable insight. In a present data driven economy, this combination of skills is in extremely high demand, as it is revolutionizing the world.
Python is extremely easy to learn data science language. Python has got the biggest user base of all data science languages. Python has edge over its close competitor in data engineering. So, once you are done with this course on data science you can expand into data engineering and then you could get into machine learning. The main libraries that you will learn are Numpy, pandas, plotly and SciPy

Python Programming Knowledge

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