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AVTECH Testimonial

"With the background knowledge the school has given me, it gave me more confidence to market myself."

-- 2017 AVTECH Job Fair

"Thank You Sue, I appreciate all your help. Especially my instructor Mike Vanna for giving me the tools need to upgrade my experience and making me feel comfortable in learning complex information in class. Vanessa for making me feel welcomed and well informed, and Gladis for preparing me and giving me the confidence in applying for future employment.

Thank you and all of your staff again."

Jr. Jean-Simon

"Hi Vanessa,

Anytime I think of you - it just brings so much joy to me. You have a pleasing aura around you. ;-)

Thank you Vanessa for your support in making those study session a great success by giving us nice specious room with right infrastructure. We could not have done what we have done as a group without that support. So thank you so very much.

In addition, you stopped by our study sessions every once in a while, sometimes, just to check on us -how we are doing? and sometimes to cheer us on with our studies. That was really really awesome and sweet. Thank you, so very much.

So, this past Thursday, I appeared for the SAS BASE Exam - and cleared it with a descent score - 90%. I am happy and I wanted to share my sincere thank to you. Today is my gratitude showing day, so is the reason for this email.

Next, I need to work on my resume soon, and get ball rolling with a job search.

I will stay in touch with you.

Best, "



I wanted to share some good news - I got a job! :-)

I've been hired by INSYS to be a consultant(hourly contractor) to AT&T in Middletown, NJ as a wireless tester. The position will leverage my skills in Telecom, QA, Unix, shell and to some extent SQL. I also better improve in SQL as I believe they use advanced SQL, I also need to bone up a bit on Perl, maybe some more test tool automation and I'm sure a bit more I'll find out once I'm on the job.

One thing I'm certain of is whatever MS Office requirements are needed by me I will be comfortable and confident I'll be able to do it. Before September this was something I would dread I may have to do and struggle with whenever I had to. Thanks Pratt!!!!

Thanks and good luck to all!"


"Gladys, You and Marie and everyone at Avtech owns a piece of this job, You guys got me there, you have a great program and I can't say thank you enough!"